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The Dot Studio

The Dot Studio is geared towards the development of innovative commercial strategies to publicize, position, and increment brand, product, service, and event recognition by way of digital means, involving various creative ambits towards the end of developing sound concepts to be embodied in all creative aspects that are developed in the Studio.

We represent and implement your ideas in a creative fashion until converting them into high quality products and services when considering the value added to said ideas and vision. We are committed to each pixel and detail to assure your satisfaction; accounting for current market standards, thereby ensuring we surpass any expectation.

With dots and lines, we reinvent perspectives, ways of life and senses.

The Dot Studio Designing LIFE.

    Web / Multimedia.
    • Web Development.
    • Landing Pages.
    • Applications.
    • Multimedia Documentaries.
    • Banners.
    • E-cards.
    • Games.
    3D Visualization
    • Interiors.
    • Exteriors.
    • Landscaping.
    • Characters.
    • Animation.
    • Products.
    Corporate Image
    • Image Design.
    • Brand Management.
    • Catalogues.

    Graphic Publicity
    • Publicity.
    • Illustrations.
    • Stands, Booths.
    • P.O.P.
    Audio / Video
    • Video.
    • Sound Design.
    • Jingles.
    • Foley.
    • Voice OFF.
    • Product Development

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